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We develop and deploy strategic knowledge initiatives to promote corporate excellence. The concept of franchising is based and followed on a proven method of operating a business. We believe in practices of international training fraternity employing Indian trainers, ensuring high quality at optimum cost.

Vision & Mission

Vocational Training opens up for us to have tons more opportunities to work with people in the community. Our Mission is to fulfill our vision by enabling new vocational and other courses and to upgrade the education level of the community and provide them employment opportunities in the corporate world.

Our Projects

Self Help Groups (SHGs) are a homogenous group of 10-20 individuals who come together for saving and internally helping each other in times of need. Group members are engaged in livelihood activities such as running a retail shop, cattle rearing, zari work, tailoring jobs, making candles, artificial jewellery etc. Each individual saves a fixed amount on a monthly basis. The members of the SHG are encouraged to save and internally lend the savings to members.

The development of the City Livelihood Centre (CLC) aims to support Urban Poor by providing them one stop solution to market their products and services and also can access information and other benefits. The CLC will act as a bridge between urban poor and middle and higher income groups who are accessing various services like security, carpentry, gardening, construction, plumbing, electrical work, health care support, housekeeping which in turn is provided by Urban Poor.

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